We get this question frequently on our email list and Facebook group. While the answer might vary by model, we’ll break it down the best we can.

Generally, the answer is yes. It is always good to refer back to your air fryer manual to double-check, but most air fryers will allow you to put it inside.


There are a few strings attached.

1. Leave space for airflow around the food.

2. Don’t block the holes all the holes in the air fryer basket.

If you completely line or cover up the holes to the basket/tray, it will block the air fryer and your food will not cook evenly

Or worse…

Your food might not cook all the way through.

Why Use Foil?

  • It will help retain juices and dripping which makes for more flavor.
  • Keeps food from sticking to the basket.
  • Helps with cleanup

Example 1: Air Fryer Salmon

Here’s the perfect example of how to use foil in your air fryer.

In this case, I’ve placed the foil in the bottom of the basket to catch the juices from the Salmon and save on cleanup. I’ve also made sure to follow the two rules outlined above.

two pieces of cooked salmon on foil in air fryer in black air fryer basket

Example 2: Air Fryer Ham

Here’s another good example from our baked ham recipe.

Notice how the foil is slightly peeled back from around the ham to allow the hot air to circulate.

Buttt…it’s not peeled back so far that it’s touching the sides of the basket and potentially blocking airflow.

ham on top of foil in air fryer in a black air fryer basket

New to Air Frying?

We are so happy you are here! We love to help home cooks become experts with their air fryer.

Here are some useful resources we offer:

image of foil and hands with text can you use foil in the air fryer


  1. Thanks for breaking it down. I haven’t tried using foil yet, but I’ve been wanting to use it. Thanks again!

  2. I just got my Ninja Foodi Delux. I put foil under the basket to catch crumbs when I cooked fries. Then after I took the basket out (and left the foil) I was preheating for another dish and the foil flew up to the top. I was thankful no damage was done.

    1. I am glad no damage was done. Yes, you need to have something on it to weigh it down. That is especially important if you use parchment paper. (it will catch fire very quickly). It does help with clean up, but you need to weigh down the foil or parchment. That circulating air that heats/cooks the food is very strong and will give foil/parchment and sometimes even food (grilled cheese) flight. 🙂

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